It’s been bothering me.

30 Jan

Do you ever have those days when you really feel like you just should have stayed in bed? Today is that day for me.

I was thinking that today would be OK. I woke up early, thanks to the marvelous new melatonin supplement I have been taking and even cleaned the house a bit before heading out. That’s when my problems started. The temperature outside this morning was a balmy 14 degrees below zero and I made the mistake of touching my screen door without a glove on. That hurt. I make it to the car, get the dog in, and put my coffee on the center console and the car crankily starts. Meanwhile, my coat is so cold that I fear it may crumble. We get to the first stop sign, stop, start to go and nearly hit a car that came out of nowhere. I slam on the brakes and my cold-press coffee, which I have so conveniently carried outside in a topless cup, goes flying all over the center console of the car. Before I can even stop to mop up the mess, it has frozen solid.

There are a few questions that you may be asking yourself right now, like why in the hell is someone drinking cold press in January, but the answer is simple. I fucking like cold press, dammit. With soymilk and maple syrup. Let me have this one pleasure if I have to live in Minnesota all winter. I want to pretend I am somewhere warmer. I implore you.

So, now there is cold press with soymilk and maple syrup frozen to my car. The dog knows he is going to the overpriced Doggie Daycare facility he occasionally goes to, so he is running circles in the back of my VW Golf. I am crabby and have lost sensation in my toes. I get him there and head off to work.

It doesn’t get better from there so I’m going to save myself the pain of reliving the drama.

I should have stayed in bed.


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