25 Things About Me Revisited

28 Apr

I just reread this–remember the 25 Things about Me phase of Facebook? Well, I think it is worth posting here, so my list can have another place to live. Things have changed since then, of course, but it was a good snapshot of January for me.

Here we go:

1. I have lived in 11 apartments (that I can remember) in the past 14 years. I have also moved home twice in those years, so that makes 13 moves. They have all been in St. Paul except for the last time, when I made the jump to the “big” city. (it’s not really that big, St. Paulites. You should come over sometime.)

2. I want to move to San Francisco. Yes. I know it is expensive, but I am smart. I will find a way.

3. I am a total gadget nerd. I love my iPhone, MacBook, camera, stick blender, and any other gadget that makes my life “easier.”

4. I have had two dogs in my adult life in a time span of 6 months. One jumped out of the window of my car and the other prefers his new family to me. My shoes won in that battle.

5. I have over 75 pairs of shoes. They are like my pets now.

6. Even though I grew up in Minnesota, I really hate the snow and cold. I would be happy to never see snow again. I regularly cry in my car on below-zero mornings because of the absurdity.

7. Once I was dropped off on a remote mountain in Costa Rica by a non-English speaking cabbie and told to walk for 20 minutes (through signing and broken spanglish) and I would find where I was going. There was literally nothing around–and it was raining. I was wearing Birkenstocks and a sundress. I also had 2 bottles of Citron in my carry-on, and a backpack full of clothes that were unsuitable for hiking. I promptly opened one bottle of Citron and started walking. Did you know there are 45 kinds of poisonous snakes in Costa Rica? That’s why the cabbie was laughing when he turned around and drove off.

8. I have played the piano since I was 5.

9. I was studying to be a professional marimba player for 10 years until I stopped playing completely.

10. I recently applied to get a graduate degree in Music and continue that training. It would be silly to waste it and it is who I am.

11. I once thought I would open a vintage clothing store. I still have a whole bunch of stuff collected for it.

12. I really love coffee.

13. I really hate working out, but realize that after 30, I must.

14. I have never been close to getting married, nor do I want to. I also have no urge for children. This is very hard for some people to understand. I am tired of people telling me You Will Change Your Mind When You Meet The One. Please. Stop. I won’t and it’s OK.

15. I subscribe to fluffy magazines to look at the fashion pictures. I love them.

16. I have attempted online dating for a few years and it is slowly killing me. Who thought this was a good idea? I do have some really good stories though. As my mother’s friend March says, “If they can hold a knife and fork, they are not online.” I am beginning to believe her.

17. I am hopelessly addicted to the show Lost.

18. I won front row tickets to a Paul Simon show once, and he told the whole arena that everyone should be dancing like me, then came over and shook my hand. I was the only one dancing in the front row.

19. Champagne is my favorite season.

20. I could stay in bed all weekend if left to my own devices.

21. I have a certificate in Graphic Design that I got for fun. I still take graphic design classes and want to get a MFA in it someday.

22. I try to like olives, but I don’t. Yes, I am a true Middle Eastern woman, but I don’t like olives.

23. I prefer drinking wine out of crystal. I think that goes with being a wine snob.

24. I don’t make enough money for my taste, but I am really resourceful. I love making meals that don’t cost anything. (one of the Co-op perks. So the peppers had to be trimmed, I will live.)

25. I have started doing Bikram yoga again and want to someday go to the Teacher Training, just to say I did it.

(phew–that was hard.)


One Response to “25 Things About Me Revisited”

  1. Jon May 17, 2009 at 1:22 pm #

    Hi Darci,
    It’s very nice to meet you.

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