11 May

I’m not moving.

Not for now at least. I thought I should tell you.

Here’s why:

I went on a mini-vacation to the Sunshine State with my mom-visited the school, ate lots of good food, did the tourist stuff, did some regular stuff–and something felt wrong. I was homesick. Like really homesick. I wanted my bike and my apartment and my friends and my shoes and..well, Minnesota. Yes. There. I said it. I wanted Minnesota.

The school was fine-but there are no real clear benefits to attending Miami Ad School in San Francisco vs. Minneapolis. I think it’s even better for me here, since advertising is all about connections. I have been working hard on making these connections in all parts of my life and I’m just not sure that giving it all up at 33 is worth it to move across the country to start over. Without a job and no network to rely on for help finding a job.


I’m a Libra. That should explain some of my indecision.


One Response to “So…yeah.”

  1. Ashley May 14, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    It’s easy to choose Minnesota in May. It’s hard to remember why you chose Minnesota in January.

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