Thoughts and observations upon arriving in New York City

6 Oct

Today is Day 5. I arrived on Saturday evening to New York City, found my way to my apartment, waited on the stoop with my current life possessions for my friend to show up with the keys and opened the door to a new life.

A few things I have noticed so far:

1. My neighborhood is noisy. People yell down the street and it’s just like having a conversation right next to the person they are talking to.

2. After 11 PM, you can still get food and coffee here. I know, novel idea.

3. I walk slower than everyone else. I have been trying to pick up the pace-just so I don’t look like so much of a tourist. The problem is I’m not really in a hurry. Ever.

4. The subway is really hot. You dress for the weather, then when you get underground, you peel off layers-or just suffer through it. So far I’ve arrived at my destinations looking quite melted. I have to get the hang of layering.

5. I haven’t ridden a bike in a week. This is the longest stretch I have gone since April. There are a few places I am going to check out this weekend, so hopefully by next week I will have some new stories about traveling in the city by bicycle. (as if I wouldn’t have anything to say otherwise.)

6. Everyone talks in abbreviated blurts-unless you ask how they are. Then they talk for a really long time. Ask them how to get to the subway though, and you get something totally different. This is only on the street though. Everyone in other spaces acts like people everywhere else. Sort of.

OK-more later. And an update on my fancy internship at the largest PR firm in the world.


One Response to “Thoughts and observations upon arriving in New York City”

  1. Teke October 12, 2010 at 11:38 am #

    I forgot to tell you about the hot subways – that always got the best of me. what’s really puzzling though is that they don’t stay hot in the winter. that would be a bonus, but no, the stations are freezing – only plus is there is less wind.

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