Thoughts and observations, part 2

19 Oct

So, it’s been two weeks, give or take, and things are getting a little easier. Of course, by remarking on this, I realize that things will be really hard for the next few days. Just to be spiteful.


Things that are not so great:

1. From what I can gather, Target is the second coming to most New Yorkers. In a place where you can get just about anything from a local business, Target is the place that people are loving. That and Trader Joe’s. I’m sure there are locavores out there, I just have yet to find them.

2. People do not like bikers in general, from what I can tell so far. I’m sure there is a bike community, but I haven’t found it yet. The cabs will try to kill you, the people in Brooklyn will yell out the window at you and don’t even get me started about biking in the Hasidic neighborhoods. I’m immoral there. (see this) Good thing my helmet arrived the other day.

3. I have more mosquito bites than I ever have had in Minnesota. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I had ONE in Minnesota. At last count, it was 16.

4. No one talks to each other on the subway. You can be standing 4 inches from someone’s face, and they won’t make eye contact or even act like you are there. I don’t want a dissertation, but sometimes a smile is nice.

5. I get lost on the subway. A lot. Usually this means I see strange things more often than I would like. Remind me to tell you about the naked guy. Or the pushy panhandlers. Or the girl who got mugged. or…


Things that are more amazing than you can even imagine:

1. When you’re just walking down the street and suddenly  see the Empire State lit in a new color-it’s amazingly beautiful. Every time it happens I just stop and stare. I can see it from my apartment window too. Anyone who tells you Brooklyn isn’t cool has never been there.

2. You can drop off your dirty clothes and someone will wash, dry and fold them for you. My clothes are now folded for the first time ever, in some cases.

3. The New York Public Library is possibly the coolest place I’ve been to. Ever. And not just because I can replay the Sex and the City scene in my head when Big pulls up and then drives away down 5th Avenue. (well, sort of. I will never admit that to you in person though.)

4. If you are craving a bowl of gluten-free noodles with pesto, broccoli and chevre, you can look it up on the internet, order it and get it delivered. If you’re not in Brooklyn, that is.

5. There is a guy here called the Sandwich Dealer. He has a cell phone that you text your order too, and he will text you back what corner to meet him. Just like a drug dealer, but with grilled cheeses.

6. It feels really good to go to a museum and realize that you have seen most of what is in it. I guess I’m not as small-town as I think sometimes. The trick is to see it with new eyes. I’m working on that part, as usual. New eyes, new eyes. The plight of the art director.

7. On any given night you can find multiple things you want to do or see. This is the hard part. Deciding has never been my strong suit. Now, if only I didn’t get lost on the subway so often…










One Response to “Thoughts and observations, part 2”

  1. Amber (@BettyMeetsJane) January 4, 2012 at 1:56 am #

    just wanted to say cool blog 🙂 and a smile all the way from California

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