Advertising or Social Engineering?

21 Oct

Watch this video. Cool, right?

Then tell me: does it matter if an advertisement meets the bottom line anymore? Does it have to make sense?

So many times I will find things that I think are interesting in my random surfing. Increasingly, when I get done watching, downloading, listening, I realize it’s either sponsored by a brand or created FOR a brand. It may not have anything to do with the brand itself, but somehow the name is tied. Does this mean I’m going to buy more of whatever brand is sponsoring? Does it need to mean that?

Brands are trying to socially engineer experiences more and more. Does this actually make people want to buy more Honda’s, as seen in the really cool video above? Would you buy a Honda because of this video? What if you saw it in person? Does it even matter?

At a recent lecture from Paul Collins, a Group Creative Director from AKQA New York, he told us that ads don’t need to make sense anymore. When you are trying to sell ideas to a client, does this work?


Tell me. Tell me everything you know. And everything you don’t know too. We’ll learn together.


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