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MOMA and Google’s Creative Sandbox

3 Nov

In a place like New York, there is never a shortage of events to go to. I may die from exhaustion, but damn it, I’m gonna see everything.

Last Wednesday Mesu and I went to MOMA to wander around. I totally liked how she displayed the photos-so thanks for letting me copy you, Mesu. Imitation is flattery right?

There was a really great exhibit of the modern kitchen, starting from about 1880 until 1980. Seeing as how I love to spend time in the kitchen and think that the design of everyday objects is beautiful, it goes unsaid that I will be visiting again. There’s something so comforting about seeing objects you love in a museum. Who knew a coffee mug could make a person so happy? (well, wait. I knew that already, on so many levels.)

On Thursday night I went to the Google Creative Sandbox. Basically, they invited creatives from all over the city to play with all the Google toys we could. Games like HTML5 vs. Flash, a Google photo booth and open bars with mini hot dogs-what creative wouldn’t be satisfied? That covers all of our basic needs right? Booze, junk food and nerdery? Check, check, and check.

Google wanted to get us excited about the new Google TV. I tried to watch the demo-but it was so loud it was hard to hear. And, honestly, the chances of me buying a TV in the near future are slim. The internet is my Google TV.

There was this cool site I didn’t know about-where you can make your own Google Search story. Have some fun and be sure to show me. I love a story.

Until we speak again…