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YouTube Play at the Guggenheim

27 Oct

On Friday night I went with my partner at the PR firm, Mesu, to YouTube Play at the Guggenheim. (She thought it was freezing. This amused me to no end. It was 65F.)

YouTube Play celebrated the nature of video production as an art form today. They took artistic video submissions from anyone, anywhere, and a panel of  judges decided on the top 25 artistic videos on YouTube. You can see the winners here. (I love that Die Antwoord is on the list. This song will forever remind me of Ad School in Minneapolis and one of my classmates, Thom. If you haven’t checked them out yet, in all their bizarre glory, you really should. I won’t fault you for not finishing this post. They are way more interesting than me.)

To celebrate the event, there was a projection on the outside of the Guggenheim-transforming it into its own piece of YouTube. That’s the reason why I wanted to go-I’m sort of obsessed with these projections. To get to see one live was really cool.

Here’s what I captured from my iPhone. Not too bad for a phone.

There was a beautiful full moon right above the museum. They must have planned it.

One of the things that Mesu remarked on was the lack of meaning in the projection. Granted, they could have done more with it than just have it be a flashy After Effects demonstration, but I still thought it was cool. I watched the people around me-and they all loved what was happening. People don’t get to see these sorts of things every day, and it was interesting to see the reaction of the crowd. Heads turned up, smiles on faces, children and dogs in the background.

That’s why we do what we do right? To elicit a reaction? I know that going into advertising, we are supposed to compel people to take action. This wasn’t advertising, but observing reaction and recreating the cause is part of what I want to get really good at. What makes people react? How do they look? How can I make them get that feeling? How can I elicit a response? It’s like I’m creating a little emotion toy box. Put all the little reactions and emotions in this toy box so you can take them out to play with later.

This is my favorite of the winners:

We’ll talk soon, I’m certain. (word of the day: elicit.)